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Welcome to Signature Hood Design!

We specialize in handcrafted custom kitchen hoods. Our work and craftsmanship is proven for three generations. Our purpose is singular and simple—we want to thrill our customers with inspirational, custom workmanship. No matter your lot or position in life, we want you to feel important, emboldened, and perhaps even envied because you discovered—and have on display—one of the most spectacular kitchen range hoods on the market.

We are so confident in our custom hoods, and other accessories, that we offer a lifetime guarantee on our work and your satisfaction. Seriously, a lifetime guarantee—none of our competitors have the courage to make that type of guarantee.

We take absolutely no shortcuts!

Your peers will be amazed. You will be thrilled. We hope not to stretch the envelope too far but we want to say—your world will be a better place because of it—that is just how much passion we feel.

Take a look, call us, get to know our people and, by all means, buy a freakin awesome hood.


Rich Marker