Signature Hood Design
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Horatio is one of the island hoods that makes no apology—it is built for size and luxury and makes no excuses for being the biggest Redwood in the forest.


In the right setting, this hood is truly spectacular and will make a favorable, lasting impression on all those who get to see it stand.


Large cabins, rotundas, banquet halls and gathering rooms all showcase this type of hood extremely well.


Like all of our products, this is not the type of hood you will be able to buy (yawn) off the shelf. This is custom all the way and there are few, if any,  that can match this type of brawn and beauty simultaneously.


This model is available in copper, brass, stainless steel & zinc.


Standard options include the following:

  • Lifetime Satisfaction Warranty
  • 1200 CFM Insert with Fan Control, Lighting & Grease Catch
  • Cleaning & Maintenance Kit
  • Certified ASTM grade materials