Signature Hood Design
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This hood design works very well in any space but really excels in more compact kitchens (or compact spaces in any size kitchen) and generally works best with 8-9’ ceiling heights.


The design is intended to give an expansive feeling. This is done by utilizing flat sides (non-slopped) at both ends of the hood allowing cabinets, shelves or other accessories to meet right beside the hood.


Even better, the custom design of this hood provides a rich background and texture (something you will never find off the distributor’s shelf) that really makes fantastic impression.


This model is available in copper, brass, stainless steel & zinc.


Standard options include the following:

  • Lifetime Satisfaction Warranty
  • 600 CFM Insert with Fan Control, Lighting & Grease Catch
  • Cleaning & Maintenance Kit
  • Certified ASTM grade materials